Walt Disney World begins testing facial recognition technology

Walt Disney World begins testing facial recognition technology

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    ORLANDO, Fla. – Walt Disney World is now testing a new facial recognition technology at its Magic Kingdom theme park.

    The park rolled out it’s test-system Tuesday at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida.
    Disney says it’s looking for ways to focus on more “touchless experiences” in the parks.
    “At Walt Disney World Resort, we’re always looking for innovative and convenient ways to improve our Guests’ experience – especially as we navigate the impact of COVID-19,” leaders said on its website. “With the future in mind and the shift in focus to more touchless experiences, we’re conducting a limited 30-day test using facial recognition technology.”

    The technology converts a guest’s face and gives a unique number ID, tying it to the admission ticket.
    Children under the age of 18 can participate but only with parental consent.
    The testing is happening now through April 23.

    Disney says it will make every effort to secure the confidentiality of guest’s information, but it also acknowledges that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable.

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