Attune® HD Wireless Communications System

Attune® HD Wireless Communications System

Hold the Noise!

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear – The Attune HD Drive-Thru Communications System delivers industry-leading sound quality. No more “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” With 4 levels of noise-canceling technology, your staff will hear customer orders—and nothing else.

Attune HD enables you to create a better drive-thru experience:

  • Improve Order Accuracy
  • Increase Speed and Friendliness of Service
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Experience the Attune HD Difference – you won’t believe your ears!

High-Definition Voice – The new 7kHz Wideband Sound on TALK/PAGE Voice produces a clear and vibrant, natural human-sounding voice quality on top of our digitally-reduced noise reduction feature.

Quickly Captures Subtle Sounds – Our new and improved powered speaker post microphone with active circuitry produces exceptional clarity and covers the broad spectrum of human voice.

Remote Support Serviceability – Extended Browser-Based Control allows you to remotely connect to your systems – via any browser – for convenient troubleshooting, diagnostics, and setting changes.

Connect to 32 Different Stores – The Regional Manager Headset allows them to proactively interact with crew members without having to enter the store.

Extended Range Covers More Areas of the Restaurant – With two repeaters per system, you can cover more areas of the restaurant.