Stingray® Point-of-Sale Terminals

Stingray® Point-of-Sale Terminals

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Panasonic Connect’s Stingray Point-of-Sale Terminals are designed to meet the unique demands of today’s most challenging restaurant environments.

Our software agnostic workstations are available in a wide range of screen sizes and mounting options. A variety of stands and mounting options allow numerous form factors to engage with customers and support staff within your store. In fact, they can be configured in over 750 different combinations. Choose from floor stands, counter stands, wall mounts and more. They feature a modular design that enables you to customize the hardware to meet your unique needs. You’ll be able to add peripherals like MSR, fingerprint reader, rear display, barcode readers and more.

Panasonic Connect has a decades-long legacy of innovating durable point-of-sale terminals. Integrated with the latest processors, they are designed to be fast and powerful, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.  Utilize them for a variety of solutions throughout your store for self-ordering, point-of-sale, advertising, and displaying dynamic content. Our commercial-grade design ensures your content will always be displayed on a stylish and brilliant screen.